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About Petite Glam Parties

Petite Glam Parties was created by Rosanna and Greg Paul, a husband and wife duo who love to create memorable parties for their kids. The ideas typically begin with Rosanna showing Greg a picture and saying "I want you to build me something like this but also add this and this to it too". This Mom & Dad duo started creating unique birthday parties for their daughter's over the years. From a runway fashion show with a stage to a spa party complete with head to toe pampering. With the birth of their youngest daughter in 2018, the duo started to look at styling parties for toddlers and that is how the rental business of Petite Glam Parties was created.

At the beginning of 2024, the couple decided to move on to their next adventure and leave the Central Florida area. With heavy hears, they decided to discontinue the event rental business but will continue to offer customized event decor and more. Check out the latest items up for sale. 

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